Imran Hasan


I'm a 4th year cosmology graduate student at UC Davis. I use imaging data from wide field optical surveys to study how dark matter structures in the universe evolve over time. Probes of cosmological structure can elucidate our understanding of dark energy, which gives rise to the accelerated expansion of the universe


Most of my work is focused on using data from the Deep Lens Survey to measure galaxy clustering, galaxy-galaxy lensing, and cosmic shear to probe the evolution of matter structures from redshift .3 ~< z ~< 1. As a member of the Dark Energy Science Collaboration, I think more broadly about how to apply these probes to future surveys. I am also interested developing new techniques to measure the astrophysical sky background and detect low surface brightness objects.

In my remaining time, I contribute to LSST. I have validated scientific pipelines being developed for LSST with legacy data from previous surveys. Alongside this effort, I review, create, and maintain tutorials to introduce users to the LSST code base. Additionally, I'm involved in the LSST commissioning effort, where we will stress test everything from pixel data acquisition to catalog level measurements using a miniature version of LSST called Commissioning Camera.


I graduated from The University of Rochester with a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy in 2012. Working in Professor Alice Quillen's research group, I studied dynamics of planetesimals in exoplanet systems using numerical simulations.

From 2012 to 2015 I worked as a data manager and observation queue scheduler for the SMARTS Consortium at Yale, where I scheduled observational queues and created a reduction pipeline for the 1.3m+ANDICAM optical/IR telescope.

I was also fortunate enough to work with Jedidah Isler, Meg Urry, Charles Baylin, Michelle Buxton, and Emily Cross on the SMARTS Blazar monitoring program and X-Ray Binary monitoring program, and co-author publications from the team.

I became interested in large cosmology surveys, Python, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning, and started my journey at Davis in 2015 to peruse these passions further

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